Our Story

Worldwide demand for electricity and energy from clean sources continually increases. While alternative solutions have been slow to fill this void, clean natural gas has risen to the forefront as the option of choice in many energy environments.

At the same time, the world is choosing to purposefully strand many well documented sources of carbon. The move away from mining and burning coal is the right choice for the future of the earth. However, this means that trillions of tons of coal and the associated energy content, located on every continent including Antarctica, remain buried underground unused. Located. Documented. Proven. Yet unused.

What if there was a clean, earth-friendly way to extract the energy from the coal, without mining it or burning it? Wouldn't that make sense? BioMatrix Energy was formed to produce clean natural gas from abandoned coal, lignite, heavy oil and even biomass.

We are currently in the seed stage of startup operations and are open to contact from accredited investors. In 2018, we will ramp up our research phase to focus on high grading economics. Field pilots and full-scale production will follow.


BioMatrix Energy Inc. was founded in 2015 by Mr. Jeffrey Moore who currently serves as President and CEO. Mr. Moore is a veteran of the Petroleum Industry with 20 years experience in Petroleum Geology and Exploration Management. Mr. Moore considers himself to be a “treasure hunter” and has created significant value by combining knowledge and tools to locate overlooked resources. His career based in Denver, Colorado, has spanned multiple Oil & Gas companies including both small independents and larger companies such as EnCana Oil & Gas (USA).

Most recently, Mr. Moore was one of the pioneer employees at former coal bioconversion company Ciris Energy. Mr. Moore served in a variety of roles including Senior Geologist and Manager of Geology & Regulatory Affairs. In these roles, he was responsible for Ciris’ global exploration program in search of appropriate resources for the company as well as maintaining full regulatory compliance through permitting and reporting. Ciris received a worldwide first permit for underground circulation in a coal seam through the efforts of Mr. Moore’s team.

Mr. Moore has international experience in China, Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, and Germany. In all these countries Mr. Moore has been involved with business development meetings. In many, he led field operation teams in drilling, coring, and sampling.

Mr. Moore received a Bachelor of Science in Geology from Baylor University and is a licensed Professional Geologist in Wyoming, USA. He is a Member of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) and Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists (RMAG). In his personal time, Mr. Moore enjoys spending time with his family and traveling, especially in the Caribbean!